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& L.A.S.S.

Dear L.A.S.S. Community,


We’ve Reopened!

Giving our patients safe options for staying healthy and active has been our challenge throughout the pandemic. We've been offering both TeleHealth and Online Group Training since March. After a few months of careful planning we re-opened the clinic in July  for face to face visits in a limited and carefully monitored way.


We feel that by offering limited services and lower capacity that we are able to offer you a safe experience to help you "function better and feel better"! 

Your safety is our top priority. We’ve kept our space squeaky clean while you’ve been away. We’ll continue to do so and thoroughly sanitize all stations and equipment before, during, and after each appointment. 

To that end typical rehab appointments are 50 minutes allowing for 10 minutes to fully sanitize the facility before the next patient.

We are strictly following all city, county and state guidelines. Please be patient with us as we all navigate this new environment with you're safety the #1 priority. 

A few business updates:

  • We’ve reopened with updated hours and social distancing —we’ll look at adding additional services in the future.

  • We’ve limited our appointments and reorganized our clinic-gym to minimize contact between patients.

  • Our group exercise classes Sustainable Strength with Coach Keita Minakawa have been online throughout the pandemic & will stay that way for now. 

  • Contact Coach Keita directly to join the group - Keita Minakawa or by text at (310) 675-0920

  • Cleaning Details


    • Cleaning and disinfect all “high touch” surfaces, using an Electrostatic Sprayer and Puretabs hospital disinfectant

    • All disinfectants are EPA/CDC approve

    • Plus, an ANTIMICROBIAL BIOSTATIC SURFACE protectant is being applied  to all “high touch” surfaces, using an Electrostatic Sprayer

    • We now have contact-free hand sanitizer & all payments are touch-free

    • A new Air Purifier system has been installed which is higher grade than the Hepa Filtration system. 

  • All patients will have their temperatures checked and politely rescheduled if exhibiting symptoms.

  • All of our staff also has their temperature checked arriving to each shift.

  • All patients must wear a mask at all times with the exception during prone soft tissue work or manual therapy on the treatment table where the mask can be removed for that portion only. 

  • Our waiting area will remain closed until further notice.

  • All of our staff will also be wearing masks.

  • A COVID-19 release form will be texted or emailed to you prior to each visit for you to sign as well.

  • Our phone lines are open a few hours each day Monday-Friday but it is best to book online. Any superbills you need etc from the front desk staff please call & leave a message if necessary. 

Thank you,

LASS Front Desk Staff

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